Single Letter DomainsOne Letter Domain Names

There are only 3 One Letter Domains.

December 2 1993, at a time when the web was being formed, Dr Jon Postel registered all still available 23 single letter Domains and assigned them to Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ( It was Jon Postel’s intention to avoid a single company commercially controlling a letter of the Alphabet.

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2-letter .com2-Letter .coms – Who Are The Owners?

There are only 676 (26 x 26) .com domains that exist that simply have 2 letters, which makes them very rare. Because of their high value, these domains are primarily owned by big corporations. Many of the owners of 2-letter .com domains use privacy protection.

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Domain VocabularyDomain Vocabulary

In the world of domain names, there are some specific domain vocabulary words and abbreviations and/or acronyms that are used to describe domain names. Here is a list of some of them:

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