2 Character

Do you own a 2 character .com .net or .org domain? If so, we are interested in any combination of 2 character .com .net or .org domains. Please read below for more information on what we are looking for and if you own one or more of these domains please make your submission below.

We are looking for any 2 character .com or .net. Below is an example to avoid any confusion:

LN.com = Letter + Number .com

NL.com = Number + Letter .com

LN.net = Letter + Number .net

NL.net = Number + Letter .net

Examples(we do not own these domains):

LN.com example: a1.com

NL.com example: 1a.com

LN.net example: a1.net

NL.net example: 1a.net


If you do own one of these domains, please feel free to make your submission below. Please do not submit any domains that are not in the extensions listed above.




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